New England Underground Film Festival

The 2013 Festival

October 5, 2013 @ The Wilde Auditorium, Gray Conference Center, University of Hartford - 200 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, Connecticut


BEST PICTURE: My Brother Jack

BEST DIRECTOR: Stephen Dest, My Brother Jack


BEST SHORT FILM: Rose, Mary and Time


12pm Introduction

12:10pm – Some Assembly Required (directed by Luke Bittel and Fred Warren, Massachusetts). A documentary on how the production of a low-budget indie film turned into a nonstop disaster for the clueless filmmakers.

1:10pm – Real Change (directed by Adam Michael Becker, California). Four men share their experiences on how they became trapped in a state of permanent homelessness.

1:20pm – Hangdog (directed by Kieran Valla, California). Two inept burglars trip over family skeletons during an attempt to rob a wealthy residence.

1:35pm – Zori (directed by Jack Niedenthal and Suzanne Chutaro, Marshall Islands).  A young boy is promised an ice cream if he picks up litter – and he takes his assignment very, very seriously.

1:45 pm – Not Clear Cut (directed by Paul Turano, Massachusetts). A documentary on a cash-strapped family that reluctantly agrees to sell off part of its wooded property to logging interests.

1:55pm Monochromia (directed by Michael Legge, Massachusetts).  After a chemical accident results in the world’s population going color-blind, a mad scramble takes place to secure the formula to reverse the black-and-white affliction.

3:00pm – Intermission

3:15pm – Mechanical Doll (directed by Max Fleischer, New York). A very rare screening of the long-lost 1922 animated short starring the beloved Koko the Clown. (Print courtesy of Ben Model, producer of the new DVD Accidentally Preserved: Volume 1).

3:25pm – Rose Mary and Time (directed by Hardeep Gianni, Great Britain). An antique clock enables a grieving man the opportunity to reunite with his long-lost love.

3:55pm – Common Misconception (directed by Jared Marmitt , Connecticut). A bumbling ex-cop’s search for an elusive serial killer takes a lethal wrong turn.

4:10pm – Protector of the Kingdom (directed by Kelly DiMauro, Connecticut).  A troubled and rebellious teen asserts her position in her broken family’s hierarchy by venting her anger and resentment towards her father’s girlfriend.

4:25pm – My Brother Jack (directed by Stephen Dest, Connecticut). The emotional bonds between two brothers are frayed when they are forced to revisit a violently traumatic childhood incident.