New England Underground Film Festival

The 2014 Festival

4th Annual New England Underground Film Festival

To Be Held October 11 @ University of Hartford’s Wilde Auditorium


The New England Underground Film Festival held its fourth annual presentation on October 11 at the Wilde Auditorium in the University of Hartford’s Gray Conference Center.


BEST PICTURE: The Lives of Hamilton Fish

BEST DIRECTOR: Brina Healy, Transsexuals from Space

BEST DOCUMENTARY:  Boomer’s Story – A Celebration of Ry Cooder



The festival schedule was as follows:


12:00 pm – Introduction


12:10 pm – To Touch a Nerve (directed by Michael Finnegan, Connecticut) – A documentary portrait of Mike Jenkins, a poet and AIDS awareness activist based in New Britain, Connecticut.


12:25 pm – Bottles (directed by Daniel Kuriakose, Connecticut) – A telepathic doctor who uses donated memories to heal his patients realizes he lacks the emotional stability to perform his work.


12:35 pm – We’re Goners It’s Fine Relax (directed by Samuel B.Russell, Connecticut) – A young girl must pass through a magical forest filled with bizarre creatures to confront the singing volcano who threatens to destroy her home.


12:55 pm – Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution (directed by Matthew VanDyke, New York) – A documentary focusing on two frontline participants in Syria’s ongoing civil war: a young rebel leader and a female photojournalist.


1:10 pm – Raising Matty Christian (directed by Christian de Rezendes, Rhode Island) – A biographical documentary on the life of a disabled youth’s rise to national prominence as a versatile athlete.


2:40 pm – Intermission


2:55 pm – Boomer’s Story – A Celebration of Ry Cooder (directed by Pete Bell, New York) – Phil Cook and the Guitarheels pay tribute to an iconic album from the legendary Ry Cooder.


3:15 pm – Alone (directed by Bryan Casey, Rhode Island) – A homeless woman struggles to maintain her dignity and safety while trying to keep friends and family from knowing of her dire situation.


3:45 pm – Deflower (directed by Mike Frazier, Rhode Island) – A teenage girl rebounds from the breakup with her boyfriend with a zealous goal to lose her virginity.


4:10 pm – Transsexuals from Space (directed by Brina Healy, Rhode Island) – A cheerful send-up of the low-budget/high-camp sci-fi extravaganzas of the 1950s.


4:35 pm – The Lives of Hamilton Fish (directed by Rachel Mason, New York) – An original musical that focuses on two men named Hamilton Fish that died on the same day in 1936: an esteemed statesman and a serial killer.